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The Four Types of Charitable Giving

All charitable giving can be classified as (1) Social and Fun, (2) Honored Obligations,(3) Strategic and Transformative, and (4) Passionate Giving.

Social and Fun: Hosting a party, running in a marathon or supporting girl scouts at cookie time. This type of giving is helping people, but you are having fun in the process.

Honored Obligations: Some believe that the tithe should apply to their estate as well as their annual giving to the church. Supporting your college would come under this category.

Strategic and Transformative: Donating to causes that have a positive impact on society or attempt to solve a social problem. An example might be donating to charities that combat AIDS in Africa.

Passionate Giving: Giving to charities which reflect your deepest held beliefs and ideals. Giving to an organization that wanted to end legalized abortion would be an example.

The Great Outdoors Community Church has established an Endowment Program for the acceptance and distribution of gifts to our various missions. We would hope that you are "passionate" about the Lord’s work here and plan to return a portion of what He has provided so that the good work may continue.

Jim Heningar

The GOCC Legacy Fund

The Great Outdoors Community Church Legacy Fund now has TEN members. This is very exciting news because these folks will be the foundation upon which the fund will grow. These generous people became members by declaring their intent to place our church in their estate plans or gave a gift directly to the Legacy Fund. Several other members are considering placing our church in their estate plans and we expect this membership to double before the new year.

If you have already placed the church in your estate plans, simply let one of the committee members know. No specific amount is required to be a member.

Beginning in January 2017, the Legacy Committee will have two vacancies due to term limits. If you have an interest to serve, please contact a committee member. The committee usually meets quarterly.

Doug Nie - Fields Young
Steve Hinst - Jim Hennigar
Marilyn Weigel

Our little church can do great things!

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