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The Legacy Fund

The Great Outdoors Community Church endowment is known as the Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund consists of estate plans in which members have named the church as a beneficiary as well as outright gifts of cash, stocks, insurance policies, property and/or vehicles. The mission of the Legacy Fund is to enhance the church missions and outreach within our local community and beyond. Annual gifts totaling up to 5% of the fund are awarded to worthy missions. As the fund grows, so shall the annual gifts. As of February 2017, the fund stands at $100,000.

Anyone remembering the Great Outdoors Community Church in their estate plans qualifies as a member of the Legacy Fund.  If you have placed the Great Outdoors Community Church in your estate planning, please let one of the committee members know, so we may add your name to the Fund list. Also, having remembered the GOCC in your estate planning, the Legacy Fund Committee will also present you with a special name tag designating you as a member.

Ways to give:

  • Immediate gift of cash or property
  • Gift of appreciated stock, real estate, bonds or mutual funds
  • Charitable remainder and leads trusts
  • Charitable gift annuity
  • Life insurance policy
  • Matching gifts

Progress Update - February 2017

Thanks to a very generous gift to start the new year, the Great Outdoors Legacy Fund has reached $100,000. Meeting this milestone means that the Legacy Fund Committee is able to award a gift to a worthy mission, outside of the Great Outdoors Community Church, by the end of the year. A review of worthy missions will begin in March.

Thanks to those who helped us reach this very important milestone! Yes, this little church can do great things!

Legacy Fund Committee Members:

James Hennigar
Marilyn Weigel
Doug Nie
Susan Fortune
Marv Rabe

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