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Pastor David W. Price's Thursday Morning Bible Study

Meeting the year 'round on Thursday mornings from 11 a.m. to 12 noon in the fellowship hall, this study is lead by our Pastor, Dr.David W. Price, Ph.D.

Below you will find student study notes in Adobe PDF format of each session beginning with the April 21, 2016 study on the Book of Romans.

Downloadable mp3 audio files of each study are also available here:

Resources -> Audio Downloads -> Audio Downloads - Pastor's Thursday Morning Bible Study

Student Notes
2017-05-18Romans 2:13-1643.87 KB13Download
2017-05-04Romans 2:11-1248.36 KB19Download
2017-04-13Romans 2:7-8 B63.95 KB49Download
2017-03-30Romans 2:7-8 A48.16 KB49Download
2017-03-09Romans 2:5-6 B44.52 KB61Download
2017-02-09Romans 2:5-653.10 KB73Download
2017-01-26Romans 2:4-5 A42.26 KB80Download
2016-12-15 Romans 2:1-3 A47.42 KB96Download
2016-12-08Romans 2 Introduction53.25 KB98Download
2016-11-10 Romans 1:28-2949.24 KB111Download
2016-11-10Romans 1:29 B36.60 KB106Download
2016-10-27Romans 1:24-2769.43 KB114Download
2016-10-20Romans 1:24-25 (A)46.72 KB124Download
2016-10-13Romans 1:20-21 Most Complex Entity in God's Creation77.58 KB138Download
2016-10-13Romans 1:22-23 42.08 KB167Download
2016-10-06Romans 1:18-22 Exegetical43.03 KB115Download
2016-09-15Romans 1:18-2259.50 KB183Download
2016-08-25Romans 1:16-17C40.17 KB197Download
2016-08-18Romans 1:16-17B53.20 KB165Download
2016-08-11Romans 1:16-17A56.38 KB174Download
2016-08-04Romans 1:13-1541.56 KB180Download
2016-07-28Romans 1:8-1249.10 KB195Download
2016-07-21Romans 1:8-1061.54 KB174Download
2016-07-14Romans 1.7 Loved Called Saints42.83 KB178Download
2016-07-07Rome in Paul's Era81.83 KB206Download
2016-06-16Romans 1:7112.35 KB240Download
2016-06-09Romans 1:5b-666.79 KB259Download
2016-06-02Romans 1:5a49.15 KB239Download
2016-05-19Romans 1:2-449.06 KB272Download
2016-05-12 Romans 1:146.66 KB312Download
2016-05-05A More Absolute Chronology44.53 KB254Download
2016-04-28Overview of Paul’s Letter to the Romans47.27 KB260Download
2016-04-21Paul The Apostle45.90 KB247Download
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