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Memory Garden Construction

This photo gallery shows a progression of the Memory Garden's development.  Most of this work was done in May and early June 2012.  Photos will display automatically as a slide show.  For manual control and photo selection, click on an arrow next to the large picture to advance one photo, click on an arrow next to the group of thumbnail photos to advance to the next group, or click on a thumbnail photo.

Memory Garden Slide Show
IMG 1511.png IMG 1512.png IMG 1514.png IMG 1515.png IMG 1516.png IMG 1517.png IMG 1518.png IMG 1520.png memorial garden 006.JPG memorial garden 007.JPG memorial garden 008.JPG memorial garden 009.JPG memorial garden 011.JPG memorial garden 010.JPG 100 0096.jpg 100 0097.jpg 100 0111.jpg 100 0098.jpg 100 0101.jpg 100 0161.jpg 100 0092.jpg 100 0086.jpg 100 0087.jpg 100 0159.jpg
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