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January 16, 2022

Sunday - 10:00 a.m.

"7 Lesser Known Heroes of the Bible: Shiprah And Puah"
Exodus 1:15-21
Dr. David Price, Lead Pastor

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Fri 01/21-10:00 A Choir Rehearsal
Fri 01/21-10:00 A Shelter In Place
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Sun 01/23-10:00 A Worship Service
Mon 01/24-9:00 A Men's Discipleship Class
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Mon 01/24-11:00 A Ray Z's Bible Study
Wed 01/26-2:00 P Grief Share
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Fri 01/28-10:00 A Choir Rehearsal
Fri 01/28-10:00 A Shelter In Place
Archived Videos

The following is a collection of Sunday Worship and Pastor's Thursday Bible Study videos recorded from our live streams..


Pastor David launches his in depth study of the Book of Acts. Note that the half-hour livestreamed study has moved from 11 a.m. to 10 a.m. to allow resumption of an hour long in-person version in Fellowship Hall at 11 a.m. each Thursday.

Pastor David will lead a special round-table discussion on the "Role of the Holy Spirit in the Believer's Life" along with fellow GOCC Pastors J.B. Kump and Dan Zahn.



Our October 11, 2020, Worship Service failed to livestream properly to our provider,, but was successfully recorded locally. Here it is in its entirety . . .

With a new network card installed in our livestreaming computer Saturday afternoon and several streaming tests conducted successfully, we thought that this morning's (Sunday, August 30th) livestream of the Worship Service would go well. However, about 45 minutes before the start of the service, Spectrum experienced an internet outage through much of TGO that lasted until nearly the end of the service time. Part of the service, including Pastor David's message, was recorded in camera. The below video was edited from the in-camera recording and does not include our usual graphics and sermon notes. The service is joined already in progress with the first hymn.

We experienced severe internet connection/speed issues during the Sunday, August 16th service resulting in our livestream starting and stopping throughout the service. The below video should now play without issues as it has been uploaded from the local backup recording..

Note: Our internet connection dropped about 6 minutes into the Part 1 video (avove) stopping livestreaming. A few minutes later internet connection was restored and the livestream was restarted resulting in the loss of the opening piano/organ duet and the first hymn. Please continue to watch the remainder of the service including Pastor David's message in Part 2 (below).